A focus on the bicycle industry, support and consolidation of the Polish market

The magazine will focus on the Polish market, paying close attention to global, and chiefly European, trends, providing the specific information necessary to conduct the bicycle business in Poland.

A broad business knowledge

General business knowledge, analysis of consumer behavior (so-called shopping behavior) are all necessary to consciously and effectively develop your business. As consumers we are often not aware of the manipulation we are subject to every day.

20 years of experience in the business

Experience allows you to keep your composure in surprising situations, and helps you realize how important strategic planning is, even in small enterprises. Seneca, the well-known Roman philosopher, left behind a quote that reflects the need for setting goals and directions of development.
“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

A business marketplace 

Our business marketplace lists our associated manufacturers, distributors, special offers, sales offers, new item offers. It also lists associates that wish to establish new business contacts.

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Bicycle industry news, market news, new technologies and products in Poland and abroad.

E-Bike Import into EU from China Shows Huge Growth

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – The European Union’s 2016 e-bike import figures are, like the years before, again showing vast increases underlining the growing popularity of the 250W – 25km/h. bicycle category. What stands out in the Eurostat (the European Union’s database) statistics is how the import from China advanced last year. Import of China made e-bikes […]

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VELOPROFIT is a member of Polish Bicycle Association and was registered in the Register of Newspapers and Magazines under Pr 619 by Regional Court (sąd okręgowy) in Gliwice , Department XII Civil (Wydział XII Cywilny).

VELOPROFIT is a registered trademark in Polish Patent Office, application number Z.459032.

VELOPROFIT registered in the international information system for periodicals and marked with the symbol: ISSN 2543-7860.


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Editor in Chief of VELOPROFIT magazine

Ireneusz Miśkowiec

Collected invaluable knowledge by meeting many inspiring people in his career. This resulted in a broad spectrum of unconventional experience gained during 20+ years of career, and the desire to share his knowledge with others.

A graduate of Wrocław University of Economics, specialist in strategic management. Business development manager, new brand introduction specialist. Broad, strategic view of business allows you to see more and to understand the market processes more deeply.

„If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”.