51 winning products in Eurobike Awards

Friedrichshafen – The Eurobike Award is not only a valuable commendation for new products from various segments of the cycle market, it is also an important measure of the innovative zeal within the industry. On the basis of the 472 entries submitted for a Eurobike Award in recent weeks, the development departments of the bicycle and cycle accessory industry have once again been very productive when preparing for the coming model year. Over two days, a six-strong panel of judges faced the challenge of selecting the innovative highlights for the model year ahead from this large field of entrants.

Being able to select the most innovative products from the multitude of new features for 2017 calls for expert knowledge, on the one hand, but also a certain level of stamina, on the other. In this respect, the panel of judges for the Eurobike Award was again perfectly cast this year, with Thomas Hellriegel, one of the best German triathletes, Lotte Kraus, a leading expert in ergonomics, and Marcus Schröder, a renowned bicycle tester. Contributing further valuable expertise were panel members Kevin Quan, founder of the Canadian design studio KQS, the Italian cycle trade journalist Marcella Crisanti and Rik De Bruin, owner of a Dutch bicycle business that has been family-run for 60 years. Chairing and providing support for the Eurobike Award judges’ meeting was the German Designer Club (DDC).

For the first time in its history, the expert panel’s decision-making process was simplified by a digital preselection stage, during which a twelve-strong panel undertook an initial selection from the Award entrants. This left 270 new products on the short list for a Eurobike Award. The expert judges examined, tested and evaluated these submissions for the competition on 9 and 10 August in Friedrichshafen. As in past years, the judges did not have an easy time deciding which new products are setting fresh benchmarks in categories such as innovation, quality and function. The often controversial and passionate discussions conducted over the two days are definitely a welcome part of the process and ultimately help to ensure a competent and well- reasoned verdict. “The other members of the panel of judges were extremely competent,” said Marcus Schröder at the end of the task. “The work of the panel was 15.08.2016 thoroughly challenging. Yet at the same time, I’m very impressed by how much potential there is for innovations in very different product segments,” added the Canadian panel member Kevin Quan. At the end of the process, the panel members finally reached agreement on 51 products which in their view represent yardsticks of innovation and design in the bike market.

Among the winners are twelve products that the expert panel not only regards as outstandingly made but also have the potential to redefine the state of the art within the industry. Consequently, these products have been allocated a Gold Award, which distinguishes them as the crème de la crème. One company will additionally be able to celebrate a Green Award, which is presented to particularly sustainable product developments.

The companies that will be able to embellish their new products with a Eurobike or Gold Award in the future will, however, remain a secret among the experts for a number of days to come: on 31 August, the first day of the Eurobike show, the curtain will go up on the award winners when all the victorious products are presented in the West Foyer of Messe Friedrichshafen. Moreover, as from 5.30 pm, the winners of Gold Awards, which have remained a secret up until that time, will finally be revealed separately on the Show stage in the East Foyer.

This year, the Eurobike takes place from August 31 to September 4, 2016. The show’s first three days will be reserved for specialty retailers and other industry visitors. Saturday and Sunday will be the event’s new Festival Days, at which all bike fans will not only be able to see the innovations for the new model year, but in many cases to experience and try them out for themselves.
More information is available at www.eurobike-show.de and www.facebook.com/eurobike.tradeshow