About the magazine

Creating the Veloprofit magazine was a natural result of Polish bicycle industry’s expansion. Annual growth of our market stimulates the appearance of new players, new initiatives and interesting ideas on the market. Veloprofit is an important element that enhances the dynamic Polish market.

By analyzing the more developed markets we can confidently say that this type of magazine is the guardian that cares for Polish manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers. Firstly, it facilitates the business communication between distributors, manufacturers, importers and the network of Polish shops and bicycle services. Secondly, it provides the knowledge to the retailers, inspiring them to constantly improve their businesses, further accelerating the Polish bicycle industry. We will strongly push for actions that will develop our market, to compete not just with prices but other services, such as after-sales services. This consistent approach will result in the emergence of additional funds for investments, innovations and further growth. Fair competition always pushes the market forward, but price competition is the most fragile and unstable way of competing, one that does not strengthen even the winners of the price war.