E-Bike Import into EU from China Shows Huge Growth

DOETINCHEM, the Netherlands – The European Union’s 2016 e-bike import figures are, like the years before, again showing vast increases underlining the growing popularity of the 250W – 25km/h. bicycle category. What stands out in the Eurostat (the European Union’s database) statistics is how the import from China advanced last year.

Import of China made e-bikes into the EU rose by a big 67% in 2016. – Photo Bike Europe

As e-bike sales continues to grow across Europe the same goes for import. From January 1 to December 31, 2016 a total of 1,165,000 electric bicycles of the regular 250W – 25km/h category were imported into the European Union from countries outside the EU. This counts for an import increase of close to 60% compared to the 2015 figures.

Biggest import growth from China

Close to 80% of all imported e-bikes from outside Europe stemmed from China. 912,500 units of the import total of 1,165,000 came from the Peoples’ Republic accounting for a huge 78% market share. The China imports showed the biggest growth of the top 5 supplying e-bike countries to Europe. Chinese e-bike imports rose by a big 67%, counting for a growth of 365,000 units, to a total of over 900,000. The other main e-bike supplying countries for the EU 28 member states were in 2016 Vietnam/Cambodia, Taiwan, HongKong and Switzerland.

China’s total e-bike export

According to the China Bicycle Association (CBA) the total e-bike export of China amounted to 1.3 million units in 2016. This represents a 20% growth, says the CBA in a recent statement that also indicates that China made e-bikes are exported to some 100 countries.
That the CBA is pointing to growing exports has all to do with the slump of its domestic market. Here e-bike makers are faced with saturation conditions. However, this means that production is still reaching over 30 million units annually.

A complete e-bike sales and import report is featured in Bike Europe’s June/July 2017 edition which is published online on June 26 and in print on June 27.