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Creating the Veloprofit magazine was a natural result of Polish bicycle industry’s expansion. Annual growth of our market stimulates the appearance of new players, new initiatives and interesting ideas on the market. Veloprofit is an important element that enhances the dynamic Polish market.

By analyzing the more developed markets we can confidently say that this type of magazine is the guardian that cares for Polish manufacturers, importers, distributors and retailers. Firstly, it facilitates the business communication between distributors, manufacturers, importers and the network of Polish shops and bicycle services. Secondly, it provides the knowledge to the retailers, inspiring them to constantly improve their businesses, further accelerating the Polish bicycle industry. We will strongly push for actions that will develop our market, to compete not just with prices but other services, such as after-sales services. This consistent approach will result in the emergence of additional funds for investments, innovations and further growth. Fair competition always pushes the market forward, but price competition is the most fragile and unstable way of competing, one that does not strengthen even the winners of the price war.

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The paper edition of the Veloprofit magazine in 2020 changes its form from the printed version to the electronic version available to our subscribers on the Veloprofit portal. E-magazine is a special place where you will find a lot of interviews, opinions and business information about the bicycle industry.

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Veloprofit portal is a new approach to the issue of industry media. Changing from the printed version to the electronic version allows you to reach the reader much faster and increases the accessibility of the content to the reader. Now the news is real news coming here and now. 

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Show your company to your regular and new customers. Get closer to your business and be close to your business partner. On the pages of Veloprofit magazine, you can present the strengths of your company and be close to a potential customer thanks to the publication on this topic. We will take dedicated photos and present your company in a professional manner. Please contact the editorial office to discuss the details of cooperation.


Mailing is a great tool for communicating information here and now. High efficiency of Veloprofit mailing is ensured by a carefully selected group of recipients. A high rate of openings of up to 78% is a result not achieved in the case of unselected e-mail recipients.

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