Polish bicycle manufacturer ROMET invests about 25 mln euro in the most modern bicycle factory in Europe

Polish bicycle manufacturer ROMET invests about 25 mln euro in the most modern bicycle factory in Europe

Polish bicycle manufacturer ROMET invests about 25 mln euro in the most modern bicycle factory in Europe

Press Release


ROMET is currently implementing investments worth PLN 100 million (25 mln euro) and has just received funding from the National Center for Research and Development, gaining the highest number of points among several hundred submitted applications. Thanks to these investments, ROMET will accelerate the introduction of innovations in four areas: product, production, ecology and digital. The effects of these innovations will be even greater flexibility in adapting production processes and the ability to adapt bicycles to the needs of users after purchase, for example by changing a traditional bicycle to an electric one or even doubling the battery life in an e-bike. ROMET is a Polish family company that is one of the largest bicycle manufacturers in Europe. The development and modernization of the factory located in the south of Poland have been a priority for years. The automated ROMET factory is already producing technologically advanced bicycles with an attractive design and excellent quality. Thanks to the NCBiR funding, the planned and implemented investments will allow for the acceleration of the introduction of further innovations. 


National Center for Research and Development

For over 75 years, ROMET bikes have been present in the lives of many generations of cyclists, and a number of bicycle types have gained a cult status. The manufacturer has been investing in development for years and the factory located in the south of Poland, where bicycle frames and rims are manufactured, is already one of the most modern and most automated in Europe. However, ROMET is more than ever ready for further innovations, development and constant improvement of products, especially in the context of the dynamically growing electric bike segment, which not only plays a key role in the transformation of the market, but is also the central point of the strategic vision of the owner Wiesław Grzyb. ROMET is conducting and planning further investments and has just received confirmation of funding from NCBiR for one of the key projects worth PLN 100 million. A total of 365 applications were submitted in the competition, and ROMET received the highest score and scored the maximum number of points, being at the very top of the ranking list. With the decision of the National Center for Research and Development and the granted funding, the implementation of innovations in the ROMET factory will significantly accelerate. The implementation of the co-financed project will allow for dynamic development in four areas: product, production (automation), ecology and digital.




Product innovation, eco-innovation and digital innovation

At the level of product innovation, the company is creating a new standard in the industry, which will be a product that is easy to maintain, repair and upgrade. ROMET will initiate a market transformation by offering a modular design, thanks to which the user will be able to easily change a traditional bike into an electric one after purchasing it. Therefore, the user will not have to make a final decision or engage significant funds when purchasing, because the bike will be able to modernize and expand or change its functions later, when they need it. The possibility of deciding applies to both the frame itself, but also the battery. ROMET creates an innovative lithium-ion modular battery, which means that the customer will be able to increase its capacity even twice, and therefore extend the range of the electric bike's support according to their individual needs. The battery consisting of one, two or three modules will offer from 400 to 1200 Wh. The battery life will also be extended, and the battery will be recyclable by as much as 80%. The combination of these solutions means that ROMET introduces product innovation, eco-innovation and digital innovation in one product. These are solutions unattainable for domestic competitors.


The design of the bicycle designed as part of the innovation will be characterized by higher durability. Additionally, a varnish will be used that affects greater protection and less adhesion of dirt, dust and ease of cleaning.


- ROMET has been consistently investing in the research and development area for many years and constantly modernizes the production process and technology. We are introducing innovations in key areas: production, product development, ecology and digital innovations, which will allow us to analyze data even faster and efficiently adjust production processes to current needs. The positive assessment of the application by NCBiR is confirmation that our projects are not only innovative, but also set new standards on the market. Thanks to such projects, we are changing the face of the entire Polish bicycle industry, and product development contributes to a significant acceleration in the introduction of ecological forms of transport that we need so much. ROMET revolutionizes the production process, thanks to which mobility becomes even more efficient, allowing us to treat the bicycle as an environmentally friendly solution, conducive to health and eliminating the problems of intensive urbanization in our cities - says Wiesław Grzyb, president of ROMET Group.


Digital innovation

As part of production innovations, the company focuses on the development of production processes that will allow for an increase in the volume of bicycles produced, while optimizing costs. An automatic production line, automated packaging and issuing components from the warehouse are just some of the innovations introduced. Another important area is investment in ecology, thanks to which the ROMET factory located in Poland will soon be energy self-sufficient. This will be possible thanks to the implementation of thermal modernization, thermal optimization, i.e. ensuring an appropriate working environment, as well as investment in photovoltaics, within which the company is installing solar panels with an area of ​​30 thousand square meters. Another area in which ROMET is investing is digital innovation. A new ERP system is being created in the company, i.e. a program for managing all resources, thanks to which it will be much easier and more efficient to plan all production processes. The system will also analyze all necessary data, the so-called BIG DATA, thanks to which it will be easier to collect data for improving products and easier and faster to manage the supply chain, which will be better synchronized with the needs of customers.




Long story and highest quality

Today, ROMET bicycles are synonymous with the highest quality, good design and reliability. This is the result of many years of consistent work on introducing innovations to bicycle production and investments in the development of the factory, which is already one of the most modern in Europe. The bold decisions made by the owner of ROMET allowed us to achieve the position of the leader of the bicycle market in Poland and a significant player in the whole of Europe. At a time when the world needs modern and ecological means of transport, ROMET has a chance to play a significant role in the transport transformation and creating better cities for living in Poland and other European countries.